President Letter

Dear colleagues,

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve as the President of the Lebanese Urology Society - thank you for your trust and support.

I would like to start by thanking my dear friend Dr. Walid Alame and the previous executive committee for their efforts and contribution during the past two years.

Building on the accomplishments of my predecessors, I am excited to work alongside the newly formed executive committee over the next two years to strengthen the ties amongst our community and amplify the role of the Lebanese Urology Society in the broader medical environment, locally and internationally.

Access to continuous medical education is critical for us urologists. Beyond delivering ongoing local medical meetings throughout the year, we’re committed to organizing a highly successful Urology Congress in 2020. We are also keen on extending our cooperation with other local societies. We are focused on reviving our communication channels - issuing a regular newsletter and activating our social media presence.

Reinforcing ties with international Urology associations is key to our mission, and strengthening our bonds with Lebanese Urologists abroad would help in this direction. We’re looking to extend our partnership in areas such as organizing regular AFU and EAU courses in Lebanon. We would like to increase our involvement in the Arab Association of Urology and work on hosting a pan Arab congress in Lebanon in the coming few years.

We are facing challenges in the coding of numerous urological procedures - confusion in a few existing cases and a lack of codes related to new procedures and technologies. We are also facing issues with regards to the role of Urologists vs. Oncologists in prescribing hormonal treatments for prostate cancer. We are committed to working with relevant stakeholders - public and private - to try to resolve these issues.

Our Residents are our future. Increasing their involvement in our activities and educational programs would prepare them better to hit the ground running as Urologists. Besides the ongoing monthly meetings, our ambition is to create an Annual Urology Resident Day that would immerse residents in intensive practical courses and help them connect with other fellows from across universities.

We believe in the importance of establishing direct communication with the public via awareness campaigns as an effective tool for early detection and treatment of a number of urological diseases.

Our plan is ambitious and can only be accomplished with the active participation and support of each one of you. As Henry Ford once said :”Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

LUS President
Pierre Sarkis, M.D.