Letter From Website Committee

Dear Colleagues

The LUS website is written by urologists, for urologists. This is a multifunctional, interactive and dynamic site to keep urology in Lebanon on the move. It needs the cooperation and critical advice of every one of us.
This web is intended to bring urologists to know each other. You will find it easy to find colleagues, look for centers that are interested in certain sub-specialties and find available residency programs, their locations and any available vacancies.

The calendar will cover dates of conferences taking place in Lebanon as well as important international conferences for the coming year. It will also show announcements for local activities in the different regions. This will help urologists participate in local activities and avoid missing important, informative scientific events.
We will ask colleagues to write on hot topics, case reports, interesting cases, and so on. A special interest in office urology will be another feature of this web. There will also be frequent challenging questions and brainstorming cases in order to apply international guidelines to our daily practice.

The website will also give the opportunity to tell colleagues about social activities of all members, any interesting stories, trips and any other special events.

We hope that our ambitious website will make its way with the help of each and every one of you. Any and every criticism is welcome as this is the only way to build up an informative useful website that each and every one of us should be proud of.

Website Committee.