Med Assist

Title: New features via the LUS website - Electronic Medical Assistant

The Lebanese Urology Society has the pleasure to provide you with an online access to an electronic medical assistant -SmartEMR- accessible via the society's website (on home page or under Education / E-learning).

The software features uro-oncolgy cases built based on latest EAU guidelines.

For the time being, the LUS arranged, in collaboration with SmartEMR solutions, access to Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer cases where the software will guide the user via multiple steps in order to assist him/her solving the case while taking into consideration the specific patient's profile and co-morbidity.

We are looking forward to add further cases accessible via the LUS website soon.

Please use the following username and password when logging in

Username: lus
Password: Lus@2017 -case sensitive-

Please note that you will be accessing the software using a 256 bit encrypted connection. Therefore a stable internet connection is essential in order to avoid network errors and enjoy the experience. We do recommend using fake names when creating a patient in order to protect patient's confidentiality.

Please find attached some directives in order to facilitate the software's use.

Online access to an Electronic Medical Assistant featuring urology cases built based on latest EAU guidelines.
Special benefits include
a) User friendly problem-based learning in academic settings
b) Electronic Multi-disciplinary Team Assistant for oncology cases

LSU website to: Med Assist

Extensive audio + video tutorials on how to use the software:

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