President Letter

Dear colleagues,

I am truly honored to preside the Lebanese urology society for the coming 2 years. I thank you for your trust and I am confident that with your collaboration, we will build on the great work that was started by my predecessors.

Our society was founded in 1992, and has come a long way to becoming one of the cornerstones of medicine in Lebanon. Our longstanding affiliation with prestigious French, European, American and Arab urologic societies confirms the distinguished place that our society occupies in the urologic world. We will pursue our mission to achieve the best urological standards through continuous medical education, research and recommendations to the medical authorities for preventive medicine.

Over the next two years, the society will strive through continuous interaction, to communicate latest international recommendations, guidelines and algorithms for best medical practice. In addition, it is becoming urgent for our community to create awareness against alleged medical malpractice while working with the Lebanese order of physicians on organizing seminars and conferences.Medical ethics deserve a thorough review and proper recommendations and need to be addressed to the legislative authority as this is becoming an integral part of our daily practice.

We will keep organizing surgical workshops, targeting the latest surgical techniques allowing continuous medical training for all. National and international conventions will be organized, as well as seminars and conferences that cover different urologic subjects. We can guarantee the success of these initiatives I mentioned thanks to the continuous support of the Lebanese urologists, which was always present. Moreover, we will be organizing conferences all over Lebanon, associated with familial gathering that will consolidate our friendship, allowing us to rediscover our beautiful country. Finally I call on your feeling of belonging and I count on your enthusiasm to help us accomplish our task. I am very proud of our community that is becoming more of a brotherhood that supports each other in a lawful and respectful spirit.

I would like to just add that our website has been completely renovated and your suggestions are welcome.

Raghid El Khoury MD.